It was only recent when I got into the genre Chillwave. Chillwave is a style of distorted ambient synths on top of a slow drumbeat. Its like a majestic cosmic asteroid from outer space hitting the concrete floor in Los Angeles. Its deep, passionate, and fulfilling. Although Chillwave has many styles, they all have one thing in common. At least to my experience, Chillwave has a Shoe-gaze like quality feeling. A feeling of getting lost in the song, spacing out and feeling each synth, each drum. The connection that is created between you and Chillwave is limitless and should be appreciated. If you haven’t listen to the genre Chillwave, you should give it a shot. Maybe you will like it, like I do.

One of the artists that stood out to me in the Chillwave genre is Sun Glitters. I heard his music when I was looking through my Soundcloud and I instantly fell in love with his songs. The style that he has created is absolutely amazing and it is constantly evolving. Victor Ferreira aka Sun Glitters is born and raised in Portugal and has been making music since 2011. He describes his style as

an ocean of lush melodies, pitch-shifted vocal samples, ghostly digi-diva choirs, warm bass melodies driven by alternately dense and relaxing beatwork combinations between downtempo and wonky beats.

The way he described his music is on par with what he produces. If you haven’t listen to his music give it a chance. You will not regret it, I promise. Fascinated by his music, I contacted him and see if he would be able to do an interview with my website. He agreed and here I present to you our interview with Sun Glitters! Enjoy!



10 Marshmallows

[faq_item question=”How did you get the name Sun Glitters?”] It happened naturally. I was looking for a name for my new project and that after a long search in all different ways. I remember also this chillwave names search machine on internet ;) [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”How would you describe the music you make?”] I would say Indietronica. Mainly because I think you can hear my rock influences in my sound. Most of the time people tend to tag me as a chillwave and post-dubstep prodcer… I’m okay with this because you can hear some elements of these genres in my music. [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”What inspired you do make music?”] My everyday is the main influence for producing my music. So all of my songs are dependent on my actual mood when I’m producing! [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”Who would you like to collaborate with? Why?”] My dream is to one day collaborate with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine! This guy is awesome. I’ve read pretty much all of the MBV interviews, I like his visions of things and especially the way he produces his music! [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”Do you think that people should label songs to a specific genre? Why?”] I’m not really into that, sometimes the sentences are wrong and so people sometimes can be confused due of that! But I think sometimes it can be useful at the same time, like to be found on the web for example! For me a good example can be Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Some people told me that they search for chillwave and post-dubstep producers and so found me in that way ;) [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”Aside from music, what are you other aspirations?”] Graphic designer, and starting to explore my interests in videos and photos more ;) [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”What would you consider your break-through song as a producer?”] would say “Too much to lose”, “Love me”, “The wind caresses her hair” and maybe “Outside” ;) [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”Out of the 3, which is your favorite genre? Why? Hip-Hop, Rock, Electronic.”] Rock, because because this is how I started producing music. I’ve been inspired/moved by a number of Rock songs, which has helped me to produce my music! [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”Any upcoming artists we should know about?”] Hm… There are so many, so it is to difficult for me to name a few. For this reason I will leave this answer blank ;) [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”What do you have in store for the rest of 2012?”] There will be a 7″ on Lefse Record which will be released very soon and some collaborations and remixes. [/faq_item]



5 Mini-Marshmallows

[faq_item question=”What is your favorite game console?”] Playstation [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”What country would you like to visit and why?”] Japan, because of its weirdness ;) [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”What is your favorite food to eat?”] Lasanga [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”What would be the perfect event for yourself? (Location, venue, line up, name, etc)”]

Haha, awesome question ;)

The Exit 07 (Luxembourg) because of all of their different available rooms.

A 2-3 days festival mixed with arts.

Called “Cellula Indietronica”

And that’s small preview of what could be a crazy line up: Gold Panda, Shigeto, Holy Other, Baths, Burial, Seefeel, My Bloody Valentine, Boards Of Canada, Flying Lotus, and many many more…


[faq_item question=”Do you like Marshmallows? Why or why not?”] Yes ;), because they are really soft and sweet! [/faq_item]


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